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Unable to do interlaced lines effect.

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Hi, I followed a video guide on how to do vaporwave-styled pictures on paint.net.

But i encountered a problem. Even when i've set fill tool to dark horizontal lines, the picture just turns white completely. I don't understand why is this happening.

Video with time stamp:





Screencap (sorry for Russian)




I don't have any plugins installed either.

What am i doing wrong?


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Hello @CRATERCRACKER and Welcome :)


The answer to your first problem is that you must have the SECOND color in the color wheel totally transparent, the first color black.


If you want a Plugin that doesn't come with the 'basic' plugins, then you must download them.  Which Plugin are you looking for?


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Nevermind, I've found the solution and the problem.

I draw backgrounds in MSPaint and to avoid pixelization, I upscale it, a lot.

The image that i had was something like 5000/7000 pixels and when i used the fill tool, the amount of dark horizontal lines was soo big, it looked like as if I had filled it completely.

What i did to fix the problem:

1. Made another layer

2. Zoomed in as much as i could

3. Selected a small rectangle

4. Used the fill tool on that rectangle

5. Upscaled the rectangle until it filled the whole layer

6. Messed with the transperency of the layer until it was looking ok.

7. Merged the layers.

8. Profit.




@Pixey Thank you much for the responce anyways.


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You could have simplified the process by doing all of the art in Paint.NET
Below I used a 5000x5000 px canvas

I used layers for each part of the composition
On the top transparent layer I used EER's Diagonal Lines plugin
Diagonal Lines v2.0
with the settings that you see:
( The line angle, color, width, and interval are adjustable)

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