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HOW-TO extract EASILY text from a jpg. image?

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Hello there!
I am leaving my old PhotoScape and Paint was very recommended to me to do so!
Now, HOW-TO extract text from an image to copy and paste for another use?
Please, the answer step-by-step for a newbe that use ONLY the basic features of the program!!

Thankas in advance!

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I know of no easy, one size fits all, way to do what you are requesting!

Paint.NET uses layers so that text can remain on its own transparent layer and then overlayed to another image.

JPEG files do not support transparency nor layers!

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If this is all about trying to copy text from some image with a font or text design you like, as HyReZ says, there's no easy way.


If the text is single colour you can try using the Magic Wand tool to isolate it or alternatively remove the background by other means and cut the text out but that rarely gives ideal results.


What you're left with is what I suspect most of us do when wanting to reproduce a text design we like and that is to try and identify the precise font used and work from there.


Font identification is a really tedious and often thankless job because the font may be not even be a commercially available one but a custom design based on several others and therefore unique. These are the cases where trying to extract the text is the only real but, as said, unsatisfactory, solution. There are also a myriad of lookie-likey fonts out there too


However despite the mind rotting nature of the task and eye strain involved it can be strangely satisfying when you've searched through a thousand fonts and actually found an exact match or something close enough to be more than acceptable for the purposes intended.


The two font sources I've always found invaluable are:-






But there are, of course, dozens of other font sites.




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