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i need to put a mark on my work

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k, here's the situation........and pls. feel free to point me to a tutorial, 'cause i've searched and nothing.

I'm looking for a way to brand or put my mark or name on my pictures, maybe even do 'em all at once using Paintdotnet. any suggestions will be appreciated. btw, thanks to everyone w/ tutorials, keeps me from having to post all the time.

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Just create your name or whatever you want to use as a mark as a seperate image in the size you want, then save it on a transparent background (png or pdn), and whenever you want to use it put it on a new layer onto the picture you want to mark with it. Be sure you put that layer on top.

Otherwise, if you want to create something like a professional watermark, there are programs with which you can do this - however I don't know if there's any (watermark) freeware out there.

But if you can handle Paint.Net properly it shouldn't be difficult to create your own watermark file and just paste it into all the pics you want to mark. (I am still in the process of learning PDN, so I haven't created a typical watermark sign yet -- some years ago, as a Photoshopper I was able to do this. And I hope that in the near future I'll be able to do it with PDN as well.) ;)

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