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Paint.Net not installing

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So I've been uninstalling all the files and reinstalling hoping that it'll work but it's not helping. I have no idea why it's not working either. After everything is finished installing it just doesn't do anything. isn't in my files only the installer.


d9a69dd4ab8de0962b913634b95e2c2c.pngI extract the installer from the zip


Then it asks me if I would like to allow it to make changes to my computer and I press yes



Then this pops up and finishes



Then this pops up and I click OK



Then this pops up and finishes and then nothing happens. After this is done I look through my downloads and apps but isn't there only the installer.



I mean it should work right? I have 8.1


Someone please help me, if i'm missing anything let me know.








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Go here and install the .NET framework FIRST.  Reboot.  Then, try installing Paint.NET again.

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Also, I highly recommend upgrading to Windows 10.


Windows 8.1 will not be supported forever, and it's better to get acquainted with the new system (that is, Win10) sooner rather than later.


(This post mostly talks about Win7 but it applies to Win8.1 as well)

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