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Transparent Paste Anomaly in 4.1.6

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Pasting with Ctrl+V or menu equivalent turns transparent areas into a "colour" that covers the underlying image being pasted to.
Pasting with Ctrl+Shift+V or menu equivalent (i.e. to a new layer) works as it always has in prior releases.

This seems to be new behaviour in 4.1.6


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Use Windows 10's Snipping Tool to grab anything on your screen

2. Open paint.net then paste into a new image

3. Erase part of it to make it transparent

4. Open or create a new separate image in paint.net (now there are two images being worked on)

5. Go back to the first image that you created some transparency in, by erasing part of it.  Select it all (Ctrl+A) and copy it (Ctrl+C)

6. Change to the second image and note what happens when you paste there (Ctrl+V) - the "transparent area acts like a colour and is NOT transparent.

7. Now try "past into new layer" instead (Ctrl+Shift+V).  The transparency works as it has with Ctrl+V in all previous versions of paint.net


Bug?  It's a difference in behaviour between Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Shift+V

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