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Paint.Net freezes and crashes when doing file open dialog

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I have been using Paint .Net heavily for the last few weeks. It is a great tool.

Suddenly, it starts freezing up in the file open dialog under the following scenario:

1. I edit a gif file using the "Open With" right click option.

2. Paint ,net opens and allows editing of the image.

3. I try to open another file (gif) (in a different directory from the initially opened file) and the dialog freezes after I click on the desired file.

4. After some long wait, it crashes

5. This also happens when I try to import another file into a new layer.

I have uninstalled 3.35 aand reinstalled. No help. The behavior is still the same. The problem seems to occur only when attempting to open a file in a specific directory.

What can I do? Is this an issue with Paint .Net or my computer?

I haven't figured out how to upload the crash log file. The forum's file nazi doesn't like .log or .txt extensions

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Open the crash log in notepad and then right click and pick select all. Then copy all selected text. Now on the forums click code and put the copyed text between them code tags so it lookes like ([ code]Crash log text[/code ]).

I got a feeling it may be another shell problem but I to sleepy. Post your log.

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