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Recent canvas resizing issue & feature idea

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OK, I have observed a recent PDN behavior change. When doing canvas resizing it seems to have started putting secondary color in the new canvas area. Before it was always blank.


While on the subject of canvas resizing: With my color bars(like the one that just got recreated) I always do a (top/left) canvas resize and then add a (bottom right)drop shadow when they are finalizing. Over the years I would always also keep GIMP open and use it for drop shadows because it did automatic resizing with shadows. Then I would switch back to PDN to crop it out. Now I do all of that purely on PDN.


Would shadows adding automatic resizing with be a tough thing to add?

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It has always filled the borders of an enlarged canvas with the secondary color. 😉


Correction: the background layer is filled with the Secondary color. Other layers are filled with transparency.

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OK- but I don't remember always having transparency as secondary. Would it be possible to put that as an option?


I have a few consistent shadow schemes. In most the light source is top left so I make a lot of consistent designs for my prime tasks. Lately, i just break out the magic wand and delete the extra section- unless in some rare cases in which it matches the image too closely and then I would go in and manually change the secondary to alpha.


The secondary color isn't an overwhelming thing. Alpha default would be a convenience IMO.

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