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How can I apply the same adjustment to all open images?

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So it's pretty simple, I have a bunch of images open, and I want to know if I can change the hue of all of them at once. So like a way to select all of the images, go Adjustments -> Hue and change it and have that applied to all the selected images. I don't really use paint.net much but I'm trying to use this to create different colored sprites for a game I am making.

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Not directly, but if it's convenient you could load each sprite as layers and apply the same hue(or anything) to each layer at a time as the tool remembers the last setting, unfortunately no hotkey for repeat adjustment.


You could perhaps take a look at a program called ImageMagik to do powerful image manipulation operations via the command line in a batch fashion. It can be a bit intimidating as a commandline tool, but there are examples for many applications like working with sprites.


Seems that a program called XnView MP which is an image browser I use, can apply different effect in it's batch convert function(no need to actually convert to a different format)

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