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Problem. Shape type: Rounded rectangle

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I wanted to create Rounded rectangle.

But the result surprised me. It looks very bad. Angles are curves.


tested on Paint.Net 4.1.2, 4.1.6, and alpha 4.1.7


Select Shapes tool and set:

- Shape type: Rounded rectangle

- Brush width: 1

- Corner size: 1

- Antialiasing Disabled


and create a shape on canvas

Problem - only two corners will be rounded









then increase Corner Size - 2
Problem - corners look very bad, they are all different






and increase Corner size a little more - 6
look at this






However, the corners are displayed correctly if Antialiasing is Enabled.

look at gif





but even when using Antialiasing, the corners are not 100% identical, you can make sure to compare the color at the smoothing points

compare points at top and bottom






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update for screenshot 2
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I just had a quick look at this 'problem' and whilst it does appear to be real I'd point out it only seems to occur when you use a one pixel brush width.


AA off I drew a rounded square with a one pixel brush and two out of the four corners did indeed have a slightly different shapes similar to the third picture above. Unsurprisingly switching AA on resulted in two identical and two slightly different corners as well.


Trying with different corner sizes only exacerbated the 'problem'.


But the moment you switch to the default 2 pixels brush width all looks good and 100% matching whatever the corner size, AA off or on, as far as I've tested it.


My question would be: when are you actually going to require a critically perfect one pixel width rounded corner square/rectangle? I'm sure there are niche purposes, like the creation of small icons 32x32 or something similar, but for most users this imperfection is practically irrelevant.   


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1 hour ago, IHaveNoName said:

My question would be: when are you actually going to require a critically perfect one pixel width rounded corner square/rectangle?

I just wanted to create a button like that


and I chose a simple way to do it, as it seemed to me - Shape type: Rounded rectangle

but the final result was not as I expected, and I decided to report it.

Similar problem with - Shape type: Ellipse

but most likely it should be so






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