SOTW#202 - Pertaining to a Plumber - Winners!

SOTW#202 - Pertaining to a Plumber  

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The Poll is now open for ‘Plumber'. It will be closed on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 - 2 pm EDT and 7 pm UK time.  World Clock.


Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful entries.  May the best   artist_01.gif   win!


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Congratulations to the winners!


1st Place: is @MJW with 8 votes :trophy:


2nd Place: is @Woodsy with 5 votes :trophy-silver:


3rd Place: is @lynxster4 with 3 votes :trophy-bronze:


Great entries from everyone!  💥        @MJW your copper piping with valve is absolutely perfect (solder and all).  Well done!



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Great work by @Woodsy and @lynxster4, and @Pixey, too!


I was pleased lynxster4 mentioned the solder. I was hoping it was clear that was the effect I was going for. My original intent was to have a leak in the pipe, between the T-joint and the valve, spraying water. I wish I could have done that, but ran out of time before I could come up with something that looked decent. In some ways, perhaps the more subdued version was better, anyway.

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