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Missing fonts after the 4.1.5 update.

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I've extensively used the Muli type font in a past project. Coincidentally, I now need to go back and work on revisions that requires the Muli font again.  Since the 4.1.5 update, Muli is no longer to be found in the font option menu.  Question: Is it my imagination or has the font been deleted from the paint platform and if so, how might I return the font to the 4.1.5 platform?  For now, I'll just reinstall an earlier version but it would be great to have the fond on the 4.1.5 and all future updates. 

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We've had what sounds like similar discussions here recently:-




As that thread and the one linked too from there I started make clear it is the case that there have always been some fonts which only appear in that main PDN list and others that only appear in specific text plugin lists and visa versa. The explanation for this is given by RB in those threads: Paint.NET uses DirectWrite, which does not support raster/bitmap fonts such as Terminal.


However if the previously available font mentioned "Muli" is now missing from the main PDN Text tool font list then that is new and needs a new explanation.


First I'd would go to Windows > Fonts > Muli and check the exact name of the font (not the folder name) the actual one shown when you open the font for previewing. That is the ID which is used to list the font. It would help to know that so others can test it.


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Hello @kall99 and Welcome to the forum :)


I did not have the Muli font in My Windows Font folder, but I just went to:  https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/muli  and extracted the Zip and then put them into the Windows Font Folder and they are now available to use in Paint.net 😁


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