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Quick tips on face transfer

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I would simply add a transparent layer on top you current image and create a circle of the same size as the circle of the original that surrounds the face and Fill with a green chromakey type hue color.
I would then create a new transparent layer and use the rectangle tool to remake the red/orange area to cover the glare portion.

I would also re-do the white text on its own layer. If you feel that you need the blue field that the white text was on in the original you add three blue triangles of the size to remake that area on another layer.
You can use the color picker on the original image to sample the correct colors for you reproduction and apply them to the correct areas of the various layers.
Overlay your layers in the right order and merge down.
Ues the Wand Tool to remove the green and make that area transparent.
Place the new face behind that merged layer with that you just created. 


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