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PDN and Barn Hunt

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Well, (sigh) Barn Hunt has a new set of rules going into effect on 1 June, so I get to re-do my templates and book on using PDN for Barn Hunt as they have All New Requirements.


In the meantime, however, I thought you folks might find this course file, done by Judge Susan Kelly for the New Year's Barn Hunt in Downsville, LA. I created the template, which is in the process of being simplified, and Susan created the course. Alas, I can't upload the PDN file, because it's too large. So I am uploading screenshots of each layer of Susan's course.


I am adding a link to a video of my Harper Dachshund (Grand Champion Champion Koradox A Guinness-n-Harp of Pramada, Barn Hunt Master Champion X2) running the course. (You may ignore the handler -- just admire the beautiful Dachshund.) 


At the Master / Champion level, there are a random number, from 1-5,  of rats hidden in safety tubes on the course. The remainder of the tubes are filled with used litter, so that it is necessary for the dog to distinguish between a rat's nest, and the actual rat. It is up to Harper to find and indicate the rats, do a tunnel, and do a climb, and then indicate to me, "Hey, Missy, I found them all!" He must do this on a course which is, in this case 19' x 35' and up to three bales high. He has 4.5 minutes to do it in.


PDN, with its tremendously flexible layers, allows a Judge to create all the various levels for a course and print out construction sheets for the course builders. 


In creating the template for the Judge, in addition to PDN itself, I used Kris Vandermotten's Gridlines plug-in. I can't, for the life of me, remember if the Cloud Callout is part of PDN or another plug-in.


Harper's 7th RATCHX2 Run (3 rats)

Please note -- my husband is NOT a videographer!








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3 hours ago, Pixey said:

Yes, isn't PDN so versatile in many ways.  Good use of it in those templates.  What an adorable Dachshund <3


Actually, I found PDN when looking for something to do courses on. Funny thing, Windows Paint just didn't cut it. I do Barn Hunt practices, and I'm regularly doing stuff like this. It was only after I started playing with it that I found out how many OTHER cool things I could do with it!


What I like is the ability to turn on and off the layers -- that way, all the layers can be numbered and labeled and there's no confusion on the part of the volunteers who help put the course together for those of us running in the sport.


All of that is in one file!  And even better, it's easy for Susan to print to PDF so she can email the courses to whichever club she is judging.


Harper's official name is Grand Champion Champion Koradox A Guinness-n-Harp of Pramada, Barn Hunt Master Champion X2. He is the first standard Dachshund in the US and Canada to achieve the RATCHX2 title. So he has beauty, brains, and a NOSE!

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