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How can I make effects like that?!

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Hey, I'm new here. :)

And I wanted to ask how can I make effects like that in the picture:

How can I replace the color of their mohawks while the whole picture is dark?! And what Plugins do I need?

I would really really appreciate your help!! :wink: Thanks in advance.


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Theory 1:

They probably took real models to pose for it then Photoshop/GIMP/PDN etc. did it's rest to turn it black and white etc. etc.

Theory 2:

The pictures were already black and white and they had to illustrate the mohawks.

I believe you won't be needing any plug-ins to do this. I'm gonna start experimenting to see if I can do this trick from scratch.


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If you have a black and white image that you want to color, simply create a new layer above your picture. Change the blending mode of that layer to Multiply. Select a color and start painting on your new layer. You don't even have to be very careful when coloring as the Multiply blending mode will handle the sloppy coloring well.

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