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Looking for a plugin as follows...

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Hello all,


I used a plugin a few weeks ago to make a video test but didn't write down what plugin it was...  (yes, older people... :-)). I have been searching the plugins one by one in the program (over 130,  I think, in adjustments and effects) but without success for now.

Can someone tell me with this picture which one it could have been? The plugin realizes figures with all possible colors and when used on a picture with a screen recorder and accelerating the speed of the recording, gets nice motion effects as if used with After Effects, although much limited.  


Any help, suggestion more than welcome!


I need to find my brains back... sometimes... :-)






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Thanks for this replies. 


Please find here the link to a video on YT. The effects have been screen recorded and sped up and some transitions are built in, all as a test.


I think, after searching any further, that it is in the "distortion" field that this plug-in was used but still can't find it. ;~(  





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No, no AE effects but that P.net effect (plug-in) that I used and so downloaded a while ago but really can't find back... ;~( 

Some transitions are part of the video editor.  The change in colors (from light purple to light red /orange) is part of that plug-in I think.... 


A ;~( 

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