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How to move levels in a picture

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Hey there,


I'm a very beginner with this product and while man of my questions have been answered through videos or tutorials I cant find the answer to what I believe is a pretty damn basic question.

I have a picture with background and 2 more levels (2pics). Now as I have put them together I wanted to drag one of those added pictures more to the left. But I cannot find the right tool, to mark and move just that one level. Everytime I take the moving tool, it marks the whole picture and wont let me do anything with it. 


How am I able to click on just that added pic to move it around or make it smaller/bigger?

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To make an image layer larger or smaller just use the  Move Tool and drag on one of the corner guide nodes while holding down the shift key to resize. You can move an image with the mouse for gross positioning and do fine movements with the up, down, left, right keys.


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I think he means he already has the other pictures in different layers.


If that is the case then the solution is simply highlight the layer of the image you want to move in the Layers(F7) tool box and use the Move(M) (Selected Pixels) tool. You can then move the image in that layer around with mouse or keyboard directional keys.

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