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Tips for moving and removing objects cleanly in pictures?

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Hello. I'm a beginner at using paint.net, and I have recently been using it more to edit screenshots for memes. I need some tips on how I can move and remove objects cleanly. Here's an example.


2qaecptb2vr21.png This is the one I chose to edit, and


8eqeqm9besq21.png this is the end result.


My goal was to move the arm to make it look like the girl was dabbing.  I copied the arm to a new layer, edited and moved it, and erased the original arm using the brush and dropper tool. As you can see, it's not as clean as I would've liked it to be. How can I make the original position of the arm look cleaner?

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I agree, the arm in the second picture looks pretty natural and only if you were told or shown that it was not the original position would you have been aware of it.


The only thing that I would say is not as clean as it could be is the grey background behind where the arm was originally positioned. Again you simply would not notice it viewing the second picture in isolation.


I've had that sort of minor problem myself and found that if you apply some type of blurring to the general area where the background recolouring is not as perfect as you would like sometimes helps.


I had to look up what "dabbing" actually means and from the back of my mind I seemed to remember it was something 'unsavoury'. It actually is but that did not make any sense in this case so its alternative meaning was obviously intended: a particular dance movement. :).    

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