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Help gradienting and tinting image.

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To start with you'd have to cut out the subject and put him on his own layer. Put a layer of black under him. You'll need a plugin called Outline Object by Boltbait and it looks like the outline you'll need is white. But after you do all that try adjusting the Hue/Saturation under Adjustments. The lack of surrounding colors may alter the tint color.

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After cutting out your image you can tint it with these:

My favorite is a plugin inside the Zip archive of the following link called 'PdnManualColorFilter.dll' that will enable you to tint the image file. (The link is not correctly working at the moment, but if you select and download it, you can add '.zip' to the filename code that downloads and extract the plugins until the link is repaired)


The are a few plugins that enable you to outline image objects. Here are links to a few that I like.
Drop Shadow is my favorite and is a part of this collection:


Outline Selection is plugin from this package:

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Hi @Y_Kazz

welcome to the forum.

Different users have different methods of course.

Here I used 2 plugins


TR's Color Reducer to create a specific palette of colors

and MJW's Recolor using palette just made


It was quick and dirty to demonstrate another method of achieving a goal.



Hope this helps :)



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I just did a very quick, horribly rough go at this and Woodsy's suggestions are almost exactly what I did to get it into the ball park, mimicking the effect shown in the original image. AndrewDavid's suggestions just posted actually look better leaving some of the original colour too.


The only thing I did different to Woodsy suggestions was convert the cut out, white outlined image to black & white (sepia might be even better) before using Color Balance to shift it to full yellow before applying the Hue/Saturation tool.

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I found a comparable full color image online on which I used my two favorite plugins to achieve the effect that you see below.
The plugins are located at the links that I provided above and are the Drop Shadow and the Manual Color plugins.

( The Drop Shadow plugin enables the color selection, the amount of blur, the strength and direction of the outline.

The Manual Color plugin enables the selection of the monochromatic tint color of the photo or object.)


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