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"Camo" Effect for paint brush?

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Greetings. I like to make and edit minecraft skins but the online tool i use (https://www.needcoolshoes.com/) has its flaws and using paint.net would be much easier for me. Though, the tool has a feature it calls "Camo" where it changes the selected colour slightly when painting to give it a "Camo" effect (see attached) which looks way nicer than a flat color and sometimes a gradient would work I.E Flame. Is it possible to do such a thing?


As you can see in attached the "flamearm.png" has a better texture to it then the "Magma V1.png" 's flat orange.


Thank you and goodnight.


Magma V1.png


Edit: "KnightV2.png" Is an example of how it can be used, The helmet, Tabard and Face have the effect it (as said above) has a better texture and looks nicer then if it were a flat colour.


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Hello @GawkyOrpheus and Welcome to the forum :)


Your posted images are very small, so I will be guessing that you are asking if there is a way to change an area, already colored, and give it a "Camo" effect? 

Does that mean camouflage?


You would have to do it manually and be able to click on the pixels and use a plugin to try for that effect.  I can think of a few you might find useful, like 'Noise' & 'Pixelate'.


This may not be of any use, but I'll give you a link to a tutorial that shows how to work with small pixels:





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10 hours ago, GawkyOrpheus said:


Not really as i was asking if i could apply noise whilst drawing live instead of applying noise after i drew.

Appreciate the help though. 


For that, you need nondestructive editing. Alpha inheritance can also work. Krita for nondestructive editing or GIMP if you're ok with just alpha inheritance. Krita 4.2 NEXT is most compatible with PDN as it supports reflect, glow, negation, and xor with all other pdn modes. Once you're done in Krita doing noise painting, you can import the file back in PDN.

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Can you use Brush Factory in combination with the Jitter setting? I'm sure a sparse "spray" type brush in a handful of appropriate colors along with JItter would produce what you want.

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