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How to stop text/images from spilling over selected layer

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Capture.JPG.jpeg.98b448472beffd0018f7592f968d2f92.jpegHi community! 


I'm new here and not even sure the correct terminology for what I'm trying to achieve so I've used a picture to explain. 


So I've downloaded a layered aircraft livery template, I would like to add a png image of a air hostess to the "Fuselage Layer" how can I crop the bottom of the air hostess over spill?


Thanks so much in advance! 


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Hello @Audiogasm and Welcome to the Forum :)


Select the fuselage with the magic wand and play with the tolerance until the whole fuselage is nicely selected.   Switch over to the hostess, and then hit delete on your keyboard.

Sometimes you may have to invert the selection Ctrl + I, but in this case I don't think you have to.  You'll get the idea with trying it out.  Hope this helps :)

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3 hours ago, MJW said:

There's another method that's more complicated, but often better.


First, install BoltBait's plugin pack.


Copy the airplane layer to the clipboard.

Make the hostess layer the active layer.

Run Object>Paste Alpha

Set The Alpha Source to Clipboard Alpha, and the Paste Method to Minimum of Alpha and Clipboard Alpha.


Thank you also for your reply... I am doing something obviously wrong but I'm not sure what? 😕



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1 hour ago, Audiogasm said:

Thank you also for your reply... I am doing something obviously wrong but I'm not sure what?


Off hand, I don't know. But it seems odd to me that the Placement is -2.00, 2.00. I'd expect it to be very near 0, 0; with perhaps a slight offset so that the hostess image doesn't go to the edge of the plane. Are you sure you have the entire plane layer copied to the clipboard?

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