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Why can't I copy draw objects from word to paint.net?

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I use draw in word to format words and draw arrows and other such things that you cannot do easily in PAINT or paint.NET. I then copy the images from WORD to PAINT but I can't seem to copy such images to paint.NET. I have to copy to PAINT and then cut and copy to paint.NET. Of course, a better solution is the ability to draw these things directly in paint.NET instead of drawing in word and copying to paint.

I am annotating screen shots for online help...so my needs are quite simple.

The other problem have is when I copy an object from PAINT to paint.NET, I want the background to be transparent so that when I position the object over an image (e.g. placing an arrow onto a screen shot) only the arrow image shows not the rectangle that results from the cutting and pasting of the arrow. I've played around with layers and played around with the transparency alpha in Colors but I can't get the background of the image I am pasting to be transparent.


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