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New Question about filling magic wand selected areas with a copy.

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Your color patch looks more like a texture patch.
I would use the Wand Tool as you illustrated and place the texture patch layer under it and merge the top layer on to it.

Repeat steps as necessary.

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In the magic wand image, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C to copy the selection shape to the clipboard. On the color image, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V to paste the selection shape.

Move the selection if needed, Ctrl+C to copy a piece of the color in that shape and Ctrl+V on the pencil image. That's one way?


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On 3/26/2019 at 7:01 AM, dan1966 said:

what I want to do is take a copy from a color patch and have it fit the shape of a selected magic wand shape on a drawing.


What do you mean by "fit the shape"? If you just want to change the angle and size, you could try using my Paste From Clipboard plugin. The selection will restrict the area that gets changed. If you mean somehow conform to the shape, that would be difficult, considering the complex, non-convex shape of the selection.

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