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Clone tool anchor point

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Will this feature ever be added? Not as the clone point staying anchored in one point, that would be useless as there are other tools, but rather, after I finished painting using the clone brush, the point returns to the previously selected anchor point.

The steps would be:

1) I select anchor point with ctrl+click

2) I start to paint normally

3) I release the mouse; the clone circle doesn't follow me around but returns to the 1st) anchor point


Could the upsizing and downsizing brush get a bit faster? like alt + '+' / '-'  or just + and -

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3 hours ago, welshblue said:


You've a few options 

] key increases by 1 ... Ctrl + ] increases by 5 (opposite brackety thing to decrease) ... then there's the mouse scroll 1-15 increases/decreases by 1 ... 15 - 100 increases/ decreases by 5 ...  100 - 500 increases/ decreases by 25 ... 500- 1000 increases by 50 etc etc


... if that's not fast enough you must be a demon speed painter 😉

Ctrl+] doesn't work because to do ], i have to click alt + '*' ( ==  ]), so { ctrl + (alt + '*' == ) ] }  increases as if i was just pressing ]. If you are working with the mouse, and not with the stylus, or other drawing pens, using the scroll to increase the brush size is a bit inconvenient as you have to hover to the 'size box' to trigger the resize.

'+' and  '-' are universal signs and they are always present singularly in the numpad. They aren't used anywhere in paint.net, why not changing ],  that can differ from keyboard to keyboard, to + and -.

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