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How to bring old icons back?

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In the latest PDN update were changed old cool skeuomorphic icons to the new flat, and... they're looking ugly (this is my opinion, I do not want to offend anyone), so how can I bring old icons back (without coming back on older versions, of course)? And if I can't restore them now, will be something like old-new icons switcher in the 4.1.6 (or, at least, 4.2) release?



peint net.png

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23 hours ago, Rick Brewster said:

You can't bring the old icons back. Just give yourself a few days and your brain will adjust (neuroplasticity is a wonderful thing).

Would it really be impossible to add a simple selector for them, like with colour schemes? The less saturated colours of the new icons are really hard to make out, especially with the dark colour scheme on.


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