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Is there a way to draw a hollow circle from inside out?

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Im going to get more into logo processes and this would be much easier if I could do a quick little circle starting from inside without having to cut and resize and do all that stuff. I saw a few posts from 2010 and 2007 and I was wondering if anyone had made a plugin for it or if there has been an update.

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Off the top of my head you could use BoltBait's Polygon/Stars


Max the verticies slider out to a 100, then you can render circles of any size/ thickness using the other sliders.

To repeat different sizes, run it again on a new layer




You may have to use radial blur to smooth out a few jaggies


There's also Shapes

Remember to set your primary colour before rendering.  For ease of use I always use BoltBait's, but it's in the eye of the user


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