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Font Display Error


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Hello everyone,


I've been using a font called Ubuntu Mono, which looks like this: image.png.588d6a25864c112e453e0627b2802e86.png.

For one of my projects I need the individual letters of the font to be filled.

I used to do that manually, but that became extremely tiring so I made a version of the font, that already comes with filled letters.

I called it "Ubuntu Mono Filled".

It is supposed to look like this: image.png.6cce007d94835fdde78de7b642b7cd9e.png.

And it usually does. All programs except for PDN seem to display it correctly (e.g. WordPad), while PDN displays the font as if it was just "Ubuntu Mono".


WordPad Font-selection:



PDN Font-selection:



I can only guess, that this is somehow caused by PDN's font rendering engine, but I am not a technical expert on this.

When I use plugins like "Text+" instead of the normal text-tool it displays correctly.


How do I get that fixed?


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Hello @VCT and Welcome :)


Paint.NET uses DirectWrite  and DirectWrite doesn't support bitmap.  This maybe why Undo Mono Filled isn't being recognized.


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I think it would depend on the program used to create the new font but I don't know why such a program would create a bitmap font when the base font and other prime fonts in the same family display and can be used by PDN.


It probably is something very technical and no doubt RB will confirm or explain what the problem might be.


However, I've just downloaded and installed the 13 Umbuntu Family fonts myself and PDN displays and can use 4 of them, as installed: Umbuntu, Umbuntu Condensed, Umbuntu Light and Umbuntu Mono. But if you go into your Fonts folder you'll find there are actually only two family font sets:  Umbuntu and Umbuntu Mono. All the alternative fonts in the family like Umbuntu Bold, Bold Italic and Italic are all named just Umbuntu too.


This is typical of font sets as those display options are part of the most text display programs.


What I'm thinking is that your Umbuntu Mono Filled is not being properly recognised as a different font in the same family despite displaying correctly in the PDN font lists.


If it is possible can you rename the font to something else, preferably not even Umbuntu eg. Umb MF. Back up the existing font file first and remove it from the Fonts folder of course then install the renamed version and test if that works.


With the renaming it should install as a standalone font in Fonts rather than as part of the Umbuntu Mono font family. If it still does not work with PDN then chances are it is what Pixey said and likely RB will confirm is another PDN bitmap font display issue.




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