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Plug-ins with v4.1.5

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I'm loving paint.net for all my image editing needs - it's finally dislodged Paint Shop Pro as my go to art package, I've been clinging to that since the 90s lol


However, I've just tried to install a plug in with no joy.


I'm using a store bought version (4.1.5) on Windows 10, so have set up the folders C:\Users\<ME>\Documents\paint.net App Files\FileTypes etc


But the plug-in isn't working. As a test I've installed some effect plug-ins as well but they aren't showing up either


I can't see a plug-in loading tab in settings to check for errors


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance!

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The last plugin goes in the \Filetypes\ folder you've created. The first two go in \Effects\. Note PSFilter has a dependent file you also need to place in \Effects\



place both PSFilterPdn.dll and PSFilterShim.exe in your Effects folder.


After a restart of paint.net, you'll find Neon Edges in the Effects > Stylize menu.


PSFilterPDN is found in the Effects > 8bf Filter menu.


The psfilter (filetype) plugin won't show up in the menu system. Instead it adds the PS file formats to the load/save dialog




If you're still having trouble, show us a screenshot of your \Effects\ and \FileTypes\ folders.

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Yeah that's exactly the folder structure I have and exactly what I was expecting to see - but I'm not.


I've just tried copying the paint.net App Files folder into all user document folders (mine, default, default.migrated and public) but no joy in any


Is there a boot log so I can see any further info?


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On 3/16/2019 at 5:27 PM, toe_head2001 said:

@InfiniteStates, have you made sure the plugin files don't need to be Unblocked?



(Image from getpaint.net/doc ... Who's this Matan person?)


Argh this had me really excited for a solution - especially as the DLLs were actually blocked!


But no joy :(


I might try on my work computer to see if it's something to do with running Windows on a Bootcamped Mac...


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You don't happen to have "Controlled Folder Access" enabled within the Windows Defender settings, do you?


That setting will prevent Paint.NET -- or almost any other app for that matter -- from accessing your personal directories, which includes Documents, which means it includes "Documents\paint.net App Files".

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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