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PDF file to a JPEG

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That plugin requires Ghostscript to be installed to work apparently.


This is peculiarly current for me too because just yesterday I was creating some icons and the only source I could find for quality images of some logo and text elements I needed was a web site that for some reason presented all the downloads only as PDF files.


I went searching for PDF to JPG or PNG conversion software and it seems like there is nothing out there except online conversion web sites. I think it is possible if you have Adobe Acrobat then you can use Print and choose the save file format but with other things Adobe like Adobe Reader it has to be done online too. Other PDF readers I had a look at do not offer any file type conversion facility.


In the end I just went for a screen capture using Lightscreen of the quite large PDF images which are more than good enough for the 256x256 icon size I'm using.  



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I have installed an older version of paint.net (4.2.14) with an older version of Ghostscript (9.26) and now the open and save features for a PDF work. I figured these versions would work because I have an old machine that has these versions of the software and the PDF feature is working. I do not know at which version of paint.net breaks this, but any update to the paint.net will render the PDF open feature unusable, so I have turned off updates. I am curious what the newest version of paint.net that can be used and the PDF add-ins still work? I know people with this working feature are not likely to be looking at this thread, but if they setup a new computer they could be looking here to solve a problem. If you have a working PDF add-in please check your version and let me know if you have a newer version that what I am using. -Thanks

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