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Unavailable system fonts

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Hello @Vovan29 and Welcome :)


Please try this:


1.  Go to your Font Folder.

2.  Right click on the font not showing and choose "Show".




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There have been several threads posted about this sort of matter recenty including one I started myself:-




There are system fonts which the main PDN text tool does not offer but some plugins actually do and vice versa.


The technical explanation by Rick Brewster in that thread is that PDN uses DirectWrite and many plugins use GDI. Each has different typographic support criteria.


Someone here correct me if I'm wrong but DirectWrite is supposed to support GDI but I noted in that MS doc there is some sort of issue involving installing fonts from "untrusted sources". The OS (Operating System) requires "elevated privileges to assure all installed fonts are trusted". I think what that means in effect is that PDN and some of its plugins have different 'white' lists for fonts.


The other thing Rick Brewster mentioned ie. that DirectWrite does not support Bitmap fonts (like Terminal) so if you add that into the equation then the difference in the font support between the OS, PDN and some of its plugins has an explanation even if rather technical. 


The practical consequence for users is that there is nothing you can do except accept these font support anomalies.




Pixey's suggestion may well work with fonts that are marked as hidden but that is definitely not the case with Small Fonts, System and Terminal. None of those are hidden fonts, I have them on my PC and the only option available is actually to Hide them. Confirmed if you click on Properties for each font too.


The unsupported Bitmap font explanation is most likely what the problem is with Small Fonts and System too.

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