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Mono has .NET 4.7.2 support - Linux version now?

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People I introduce to Linux often ask if something like Paint.NET will run...


As much as I detest .NET/Mono can it be assumed that *now* it either...

a) will run or...

b) got a lot easier to get running


Because it seems the latest Mono Version 5.18 now supports .NET 4.7.2 (as of December) and that's exactly the version Paint.NET needs?


Obviously I'm not talking with the assistance of Wine here - that was already possible in various ways.


It'd be interesting to know - even if it stops whiny Windows users

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Paint.net only requires .NET Framework v4.7.0 as the minimum.

However, paint.net has other dependencies, which are components of Windows: Direct2D, DXGI, WIC, ect.

Therefore, the only way you'll get paint.net to run on GNU/Linux will be with Wine.

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I don't get why people "detest" things like .NET (or Mono, what? why?).


Do you also detest things like C++? Or maybe glibc or the STL? Or the various libraries and frameworks that are used to build all the software in the world?


"Sorry, I won't use the ATM at my bank. It uses FooBarBaz Framework, and I detest it. It uses up so much disk space!" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️


Maybe you should detest all tools and materials that allow anyone to build things. Hammers and screwdrivers are bad! Nails and screws, what a waste of space. Bricks and drywall are just awful.


Also, what whiny Windows users? Sounds like you're the whiny one 🙄


</rant of my own>

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