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Transparent backgrounds no longer pasting

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For some reason, when I copy an image online that has a transparent background and I paste it in paint.net, the background becomes black. This has never happened before, and I can't fathom why it's doing this now. My version is up to date, and I haven't meddled with any of the settings.


This started happening last Thursday, on the 28th. It's left me stumped and I don't know how to fix this, if there is a fix. It happens with any PNG or jpeg image with a transparent background, and it's doing this with my brother's paint.net too.

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Switch to a real browser?  (ie. Chrome)


Here's the thing... it is not a problem with Paint.NET and we have no control over fixing your situation. Firefox is not putting the right stuff onto the Clipboard when you're copying an image.  You need to take this up with the Firefox development team.




More info here:




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