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Change of font's style

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I have problem with fonts. I have installed Oswald with 4 styles. All apps (without paint.net) is using style which I want in paint.net - Oswald Regular v2.002. But paint.net isn't using this style. It's using Oswald Light.

What I can do to change style of font?

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My simple solution would just to try deleting, specifically, Oswald-Light from your Font folder. If it is not there it can't be used so, in theory, you should get the regular version being used as default.


EDIT: I've just done that myself and it works. As I described below the problem is the font name: all three family font members are named "Oswald" and presumably the first alphabetically is what is used by default.


Just go to Control Panel > Appearance and Pesonalization > Fonts (or whatever path your Windows OS uses to display the stored fonts). Find the Oswald font set click on it and delete "Oswald-Light". After that if you use PDN you should find it uses Oswald-Regular.


Although Oswald-Bold precedes it alphabetically I'm guessing it is the convention not to display a bold font when a regular one is available as emboldening and/or italicizing a regular font are usually options provided by the text writing tool being used. 






I open that thread about a similar sort of matter a few weeks ago.


The bottom line apparently is that if PDN or a plugin does 'like', for whatever technical reason, a particular font/font set there is nothing you can do about it.


The problem may even be with the original font naming; many 'free' alternative font family sets name the font ie. its actual embedded name the same. It is surprisingly difficult to rename a font, especially if it is not a .ttf, and even if that has been done there is no guarantee that PDN or a  particular PDN text plugin would list separately every font in that family no matter however they were renamed.  


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