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Is there in any way to make the fill bucket only fill in a specific region, rather than the whole layer? If so, please inform me!


I have recently downloaded it and I have been having troubles coloring my drawings since I can’t figure it out.

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Particularly with simple, monochromatic shapes, as in Pixey's example, on a different coloured plain or transparent background instead of using Invert Selection you could use the Magic Wand tool to select the area outside the part of the image you do not want to flood.


Another suggestion to avoid such problems flooding  the whole image is to use another layer below the main image just for the background. Working on the image content in a transparent background layer on top of that gives you more options too ie. you can try different colour backgrounds/borders/frames etc without the annoyance of accidentally flooding the rest of the image.

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When using the Paint Bucket tool, also be sure to adjust the Tolerance slider in the top tool bar. This affects the overall agressiveness of the fill.  I usually have mine set to 32%.


Also, it is possible to use the Paint Bucket tool on an empty layer by changing the "Sampling" option to Image instead of Layer.

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