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So I Was Wondering What This Effect Was Called.

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Welcome @Ayntrx!


Unfortunately your link appears to be broken. Can you repost it?

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That looks like outlining to me. There are at least a couple of plugins which will do that easily.


I'd start by downloading and installing @BoltBait's Plugin Pack. Once installed you'll find BB's Outline plugin in the Effects > Object menu.


The trick with all plugins in the Object menu, is that they need the image element to be on its own transparent layer. In your case, put the text on its own layer then run the Outline plugin on the entrie layer. 


Let us know if you need any more info.

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You probably need at least three layers to do this well. Black outlining was clearly used and, although the original image is very small, as welshblue demonstrates it does look like drop shadows was used too.


But my guess would be that another text layer beneath the yellow one may have been used as well, converted to pure black that can be shifted down a few pixels to give an effect/bolster the offset drop shadows and outlining.


The thicker white background outlining must have been done in a separate lower layer too and it looks to me as if that was feathered but also then copied into another layer below. Either white drop shadows with wider blur or some other type of blurring or wider feathering was likely used on that. 



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