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How do I make the pencil tool automatically vary around the same base colour?

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Instead of the paintbrush tool doing just the same colour that I have set, is there a way to make it constantly change colour (around the same base colour) 


Instead of this with the pencil tool:



I want it to do this:




Also, even if it can't do that, does anyone know the name of this function?




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The pencil and paintbrush tools always take their color from the Primary or Secondary color slot (depending if you're using the left or right mouse button).


There is no way to automatically vary the color while either tool is in use.


Wouldn't you be better using another tool (like Gradient)?

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The provided images don't really make it clear to me what you're trying to achieve, but I'll give it a shot.


One method to do something like this is to make the canvas twice as wide as the needed image.

Fill the left half with some pattern of colors.

Select the Clone tool.

Ctrl+click in the upper-left corner of the image to initialize the Clone origin.

Click cursor at the upper-left corner of the right half of the canvas to set the cloning offset.

Press Ctrl+Z to Undo the spot just drawn.

Draw with the clone brush in the right half of the canvas. The image in from the right half will be copied into the lines drawn.

(The origin can be any place in the left half, but you'll need to be careful to keep it in bounds.)


If the image being drawn into is all opaque, a simple method is to put a color pattern in a lower layer, then use the eraser to draw by erasing the upper layer, letting the lower layer show through. Flatten when done.

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6 hours ago, welshblue said:


I might have got the wrong end of the stick with the question, but I would have thought Gradient and then possibly  Jumble  if randomness isn't an issue.

Make your image bigger than you want, then resize it so the squares aren't so obvious





Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted, jumbling the colours!

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