Viral Godhani

Unable to Disable Windows for all the users like Colors, history and layer window,

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We have installed on the citrix servers and now users are getting the Colors, History and Layers window by default when they open But the users want this windows disabled on start by default. Also we want to disable Animations and Hardware Acceleration in the settings by default for all the users. I tried to set the below registry keys on the HKCU hive but its not working. Please let me know if anyone is aware how to accomplish this.



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Hello @Viral Godhani and Welcome to :)


If you click off the History and Layers windows and exit PDN, the windows should stay off next time you open


You can disable Animations and Hardware Acceleration, via the Settings, which can be found by clicking on the cog wheel :Settings: upper right hand side of the canvas.

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Those registry settings look correct to me.


Are you using portable mode by any chance? If so, settings will be placed into a JSON file next to the PaintDotNet.exe, and will not be in the registry

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