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Click through transparency to select another layer

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In Photoshop Ctrl-Click is the way to select the layer your cursor is on. But it seems that since Paint.net handles layers differently and based on the research I've done that this isn't possible. But a lot of times when this has been asked the question seems to have not been properly understood. I am hoping I can ask in a more clear way.


I have an image with a lot of layers. Like the first attached image. If I want to move the Python image I can do that as long as the Python layer is selected.  



Now if I want to move the WSUS layer I have to scroll through the layers panel, click on it, then press Ctrl-D to deselect the selection from the previous move:



This method works but it is a lot of scrolling and clicking especially when I might be making a hundred different little moves. If I only had a handful of layers it wouldn't be so bad but having to scroll to find the particular layer I'm wanting makes a big difference.


The transparency of each layer is obvious. It would be really helpful if Paint.net could see that too and know that when I do Ctrl-Click it should click down through and select the non-transparent layer that is under my cursor. That would save 3 steps (scroll, click layer, ctrl-D) which isn't a big deal when you only need to do it every so often but in something like this where i am trying to arrange a mosaic of dozens of layers those steps add up. 


I'm pretty convinced Photoshop's Ctrl-Click is not possible so I think what I'm looking for is confirmation of this and possibly some suggestions about how to go about this a bit more efficiently?




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Not a bad idea. It wouldn't be hard to implement, although the exact UI gesture would need some work because Ctrl+Click at any time is a bit too overreaching. Discoverability would be an issue, but that's always going to be hard.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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