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Pasteing while work image is set to high percentage magnification.

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When I have an image in the copy memory, and then magnify,  so that the I can only see part of the work frame, and then click 'paste', the copied image isn't pasted in quite the same position, as it was copied from....sometimes I have to set back at 100% and then go look for where it was pasted to.



set to 100%.

highlight a section of the image.

click 'copy'

magnify, so that you can only see a part of the whole working image.

and then 'paste'.


It should paste to a place where it wasn't copied from..slightly to the right when I just checked.

It is annoying sometimes.

I noticed this a while ago, but just put up with it. Not a serious bug, I know.


Anyone else find this happen?

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