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Has it been suggested that there should be a 'delete' button, as well as a 'cut' button?

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Sometimes I have an image in the copy memory, but then I have to make a 'cut', and then lose the image in the copy memory.


Like with MS text copy and paste, they have the option to cut plus the option to 'delete', which deletes the highlighted text, and still keeps the C&P memory text.

The same would be good for PDN, image options.


I know there is a workaround, and just use the eraser to wipe out the highlighted image, but then have to lose time altering the size of the eraser, and setting the level of the erasing to 100%, plus losing the original setting for the fad paint and erase, an erase size.


Seems like it should be a main option rather than a pluggin.



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Edit -> Erase Selection, whose keyboard shortcut key is .......... Delete.


Please make sure to explore the menus before claiming functionality is missing. You'll find all sorts of great stuff!

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