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Does your mouse annoyingly move sometimes, when you take your finger off the button?

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When you are doing lots of random dots, or when you are trying to alter a line curve, or position a window etc...?


I know some people use drawing pads, but personally I still use a mouse(I have a damaged arm anyway, so use paper and then scan drawings in).


I have just today found a simple solution.


When you need to, stick a bit of bluetac on the bottom of the mouse on the corner of the button you are going to use.


Seems to work.


Or is this an old idea, an old problem?


Most of the time I just want the mouse to move smoothly, but I was doing a night sky the other day, and doing each star with one click, and some of the time the  dots ended up a bit smeared, and I kept having to click 'undo'...



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I have a new mouse with a DPI button on the top. With a couple of clicks you can change the DPI to something much lower for detailed work. You can even set your own custom levels. I use this feature regularly & find it helps with accurate positioning.

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