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Circle Photography help please.

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@scryer52 Hey there

It all depends on your original pic you want to transform. You have found a good example of what you want to achieve.

See if this works for your image

Let us know.

If not - post your pic and we may be able to find a solution for you.

Hope this helps :)


(My New Signature) Nickpic was a image hosting source made specifically for RPers and its shutting down. 

I use postimage.IO for free web hosting. How long before they follow photobucket and NicKPic?

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When my wife and I were in Anchorage, Alaska last September, I made several attempts at shooting 360 degree panoramas and stitching sequences together. 

I used one of those panorama photo attempts to make the image that you see below. I used the G'MIC Distortions/Sphere effect to get this result. (I know that on some Smart-phones there are apps to get the effect that cryer52 posted.) 

The photo posted by cryer52 was created by professional photographer; Sam Javanrouh. He uses quality cameras with special 360 panoramic tripod mounts to capture his base image and then uses a variety of apps for post production. (follow link)

We spent ~8 hours in your city before flying to California and then back to Ohio


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