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Paint.net Crashing *SOMETIMES* when i try to apply Effects or Correctures (sry im german)

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So basically every time i open paint.net it works perfectly fine. But when i try to go on Correctures or Effects (Ill attach a screenshot,i dont know what it means in english)

Paint.net is Crashing. SOMETIMES tho it works until i close it. I tryed Re-Installing. Any Ideas or Help?

Thank you for Reading and please excuse my horrible English.



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1 minute ago, BoltBait said:

You can not use Adjustments or Effects because you don't have a file open or a new canvas open.

Im sorry if i explained it wrong,but i mean if i have a open Picture,like a Transparent Green Text,and i want to go to "Korrekturen" (Correctures i think) then it Crashes.

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