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Hoping someone recognises this tool please

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Hoping someone recognises this effect & can point me in the right direction.

So the computer tech put a new hard drive in my pc without asking!

Even though I had whole images, backups, etc, I still lost heaps of work & software.

One of the casualties was Paint.Net

But my pc was still running perfectly in safe mode so I could still do work on it.

Had I been told he would put a new hard drive I could have taken many screen shots of the drop down menus in my Paint Adjustments & Effects lists so I knew what to import again later.

Some of the plug-ins I have since found again but I can't remember the name of this tool but I think it is a older warp tool.

Here is an image I made with it. It was just a photo of a brightly coloured bird but I turned it into this lovely thing.

reduced digital art slice 1.jpg


Several years ago I did download a package of effects tools but its name & creator are unknown to me now.

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Hi @ClissaT

Welcome to the Forum. Good thing I'm not on strike LOL

Looks like a 3 step process to me

Run Clouds at default settings

Run Dents and adjust to size desired

Add color (this can be done in many ways).

My quick answer to get you close. Other members may chime in with other suggestions :)

Let us know if this works for you.

Here is a comparison


Dents by Andrew Donaldson, on Flickr

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It is incredulous that you would loose software with a whole image backup but I know nothing of your backup protocols.


I have looked at the effect that AndrewDavid indicated and he is correct!



When I posted my initial  response I did not check out the Effect\Distort\Dent. In my mind I confused the effect of Dent with the effect of Bulge'
and thought that "This can't be it!" I was wrong when I suggested that it was the DistortMirror.dll by Madjik. I have corrected my error in this edit! Apologies!

Dent is a Built-In Effect of Paint.NET now (and so is Bulge) 🙂


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