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Vector Graphics?

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I have used PDN forever it seems.  I have gotten into more detailed images and graphics lately and a new limit I am seeing is "pixelation" .  Although the output of my work will be in a pixel format I seem to loose fidelity when rotating and editing text and small images in PDN.


The attached image is an example.  It is the tip of the letter "A".  The left image is rotated 30 degrees. The flat top of the letter becomes jagged.  I have seen vector graphics made to a ping file that appear much sharper.  It appears that if you start with a vector you will have a higher quality outcome when converting to a pixel format.


So my question is to fold:


  • Is there any plans to release a vector graphics version of PDN?
  • Does PDN have the ability to generate vector graphics on screen and export in .png or .PDN?  (And I'm just not aware o fit?)


I am so use to the PDN interface that I am struggling with finding and maneuvering around in other programs. 


What would the community here recommend as a decent vector graphics program to compliment PDN?  Has the maker of PDN partnered with or collaborated with another software that would make is seem more familiar?


Thanks for the help.


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There are three different Quality settings you can use with the Move tools. Find them in the tool bar when the Move tool is active. Try each. Hint: Bicubic is new(ish).




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2 hours ago, Rick Brewster said:

+1 for Inkscape. It's what I've been using to edit and create the new high-res icon set for Paint.NET ( https://blog.getpaint.net/2018/12/26/whats-next-for-paint-net-in-2019/ ). 


Well I guess this is my answer.   If the author and developer of my beloved  PDN is using it and not something else then I guess I hit the program hard and get over the learning curve. 😕

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Vector graphics is not in the scope of PDN anyway. Vectors could be used to support raster graphics development. Krita and Photoshop supports vector selections and layers, but only as raster graphics support. They also had the resources to do that. But, they're not always needed in raster graphics apps.

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Gimp also supports Vector Graphics in the form of paths saved as .svg. Here are just some samples that I've made with Gimp and transferred to  blender for rendering.








Edit, many of those shapes were originally created with PDN using the ShapeMaker plugin, then made into paths in Gimp....



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