Selection Resize Anchor?

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I use the "center of rotation of the selection layer" quite a bit when rotating. 


Is there a way to use this same "control nub" to also set the Resize mode reference?  Currently all resizing nubs appear to use the opposite edge/corner as reference.


Thanks in advance,


(From paint.net documentation)


The center of rotation of the selection or layer is shown when either Move Tool is active.  It looks like a circle with a cross in it and it determines where the selection will pivot when rotated.



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Hi @druneau - welcome to the forum :)


You're correct that, currently, resizing is done using the point diametrically opposite as the anchor. I can see benefits in having a asymmetrical resize by setting the anchor point somewhere else within the selection bounds.


I don't know how Rick (Paint.NET Developer) will feel about it, but I like your idea!

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