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Printing a collage

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I want to print a collage on an A4 sheet (11.5 x 8 inches (UK).  I am using latest Paint.net on Windows 10 and have a BrotherJ56200W printer. I start by re-sizing background to A4 and arrange my collage, using layers, and then saving as.pdn.  I flatten image before asking it to be printed but although I ask for A4 on printer it cuts off heads along the top or feet off the lower edge.  When I insert 11.5" as  width the height goes to 8.63 and not 8"  and somehow I feel this is where I'm is going wrong.  It shows correctly on screen. I have tried a with the pixels too. I have read the excellent tutorial on DPI but am not clever enough to translate this into filling in the print box.  

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Greetings Janet,


I don't think the problem is with Paint.NET. Often printer software will crop your image unless you disable (un-check) the 'Fit Picture To Frame' option. If your image was created to conform to A4 it should print correctly, unless the image orientation is not set right and/or the 'Fit Picture To Frame' option is enabled.

Some printer software allows you to set margins or print out to the edge of the paper. This could also be an issue for you. Have you set margins or is there a default margin that you are aware of?

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Try using the PrintIt plugin. It makes print layout much easier.


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Very many thanks for the responses to my posting.  A dose of the flu has set me back somewhat and I don't have the strength to get the plugin at the moment  -   It all looks a bit complicated but I will investigate the printer software further although at the moment I don't know where to start.   I had found the "fit to print" button but disabling it appeared to make matters worse rather than better! 


Hey Ho!  On we go!  Thanks again for your input.

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