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Custom brush/line tool?

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Maps often use lines with different colour and pattern edges  - eg, a red fill with solid black edges for a highway, red with one solid and one dotted for a secondary road, etc; blue with dark blue for a major river, blue with no border for a dry or seasonal river.


Assuming no one has created one already (I did search!), how easy would it be for a technical person to create such a tool? I am picturing options for width; fill and edge colours; edge styles.


Would anyone be willing to take on the task, as I am not such a technical person?

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Greetings Ropey,

Sometimes cartographers will use patterned or textured lines to represent what you described.
I have created a tutorial screen capture that shows a basic way to do that using the out of the box features of PDN. (See Below)

The PDN forum member; null54; has developed plugins that will let you take that to the next level:

Here is a link for a Paint.NET plugin that lets you use Photoshop Brushes
https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/25792-photoshop-brush-filetype-2018-12-23/ )


Here is a link for a Paint.NET plugin that lets you use Photoshop Patterns
https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/25696-photoshop-pattern-filetype-2018-12-25/ )





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