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Grouping Several Plugins in one menu entry


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Sorry, you can not. The menu placement is chosen by the plugin developer.



Oh sorry, I didn't notice this was in the Plugin Dev area of the forum. The menu is defined in the Constructor.

public MyPlugin()
    : base("MyPluginName", MyPluginImage, "xyzMenu", EffectFlags.Configurable)


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1 minute ago, toe_head2001 said:

Sorry, you can not. The menu placement is chosen by the plugin developer.


Thank you for your prompt answer. Actually, I am the developer. What I need to know is how to place my plugins in a specific menu entry. I couldn't find anything in PaintDotNet.IPluginSupportInfo to specify the menu entry.

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Well done @YEcarri. Here's a list of the most common submenus already in use...


      /// <summary>
        /// StaticSubMenuName defines which submenu the Effect will be placed in.  
        /// </summary>       
        public static string StaticSubMenuName
                // return SubmenuNames.Artistic; 
                // return SubmenuNames.Blurs; 
                // return SubmenuNames.Distort; 
                // return SubmenuNames.Noise; 
                // return SubmenuNames.Photo; 
                return SubmenuNames.Render;     // default = Render submenu  
                // return SubmenuNames.Stylize; 
                // return null;             // No submenu (places the Effect directly into the Effects menu without locating it in a submenu)
                // return "My SubMenu";     // Custom submenu called 'My Submenu'.  Please use custom submenus responsibly & don't go populating
                // the Effects menu with a billion arbitrary submenus.  These custom submenus are already well supported:  
                // Advanced
                // Color 
                // Object
                // Object Align
                // Selection
                // Text Formations
                // Texture
                // Tools
                // Transparency
                //return "Test";


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