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What did you GIVE for Christmas 2018?


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Kids (x3):


pants x2




They are getting so grown up!  I had taken them shopping and these were the things they chose.


Also, went to the movies and saw Wreck it Ralph 2


Other daughter:


computer monitor


mega blocks for grandson (1 yr) and rattle for granddaughter (1 mo)




DVDs: Venom (he loved it) & The Orville s1 (he thought it was ok saying "but, Firefly is better"... yeah, dad, no kidding!  I bought him Firefly one year and now I'm having a hard time topping it... :D )




New ceramic frypan she wanted... I know it's not very romantic, but it will make her life easier, so she's happy.


Life gave to me:


A broken down car... not only is the check engine light on, but it's blinking!  That can't be good.  The engine is vibrating badly. Guess I'll have to take it into the shop in the morning.  Depending on the repair cost, I may just buy a new car.  My current one has over half a million miles on it.

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The cat (recently new adopted) - a few cans of very special cat food and two new furry toys smileys-weihnachten-437667.gif


Husband - a book and two boxes of chocolates smileys-weihnachten-558512.gif


Kids - nothing, as they'd already had lots of stuff from us throughout the year smileys-weihnachten-360253.gif


New kitty (Tilly) video:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/0r9wjm7i5a75xps/Tilly.mp4?dl=0 


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Todd—guitar (he’s always wanted one but wasn’t brave enough to buy his own).


BIL—A bunch of spices for game and grilling.


Floofkids—new toys.


Todd’s parents—a novelty “title” from near my family’s ancestral land, because what else do you get the couple that has everything?

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