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Red ochre's Art Work Website


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I thought some of you would be interested to see @Red ochre's amazing art work :)


He recently made his own website with all of his art, including sculptures and beautiful works of delicate ornaments.






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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal their world is changed forever!" anon.

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@PixeyLike with @Seerose, I'm glad you shared Red's art page link. I visited it and his work is beautiful. I love his oil paintings the most. We're all different. He's so talented in any medium he touches and the work is absolutely beautiful. His oil paintings are very good. I suggest he get a Youtube following and take it to Patreon to maybe show tutorials and get even more of a rightful fan base. Of course, anyone can learn to play the piano by learning piano lessons, but not everyone will be a concert pianist. Red Ochre is definitely a concert pianist on the canvas and with his oil paints.


If it wasn't for you, Pixey, I'd not have known he was such a talented, multi medium artist, at all.


I stick with watercolor painting, and usually "loose" style, as it's more forgiving. I found I can use it on a airplane when the flight is too long for my attention span, lol.  I used certain means of physical activity and artwork as a positive form of escape to clean rubbish out of my mind after dealing with work that didn't always have the best side of mankind involved in it, which is somewhat how I got more into using Paint.Net, too.


One of our kids oil paints, has talent with it and I just admire anyone who can use oil paints and stick with it. Red Ochre mastered it, and in a way that brings beautiful, positive energy in feelings.


I love the mood and tone I feel when looking at a lot of Red's oil paintings. I feel safe, peaceful, calm, balance and serenity when looking at his paintings. I feel like I'm with a comfortable long time friend, or the man I love (my husband), having a peaceful, easy day.  Some art brings a sense of trauma or darkness. His doesn't.  I want to take a blanket, cooler, and climb into his oil painting called  "Wild Flower Meadow" and spend a day hanging out there, reading a book or just laying on my tummy with my feet bent up in the air, no shoes on, and just look at how beautiful everything around me is, for hours....maybe nod off and take a nap while listening to the birds.


I'd like to walk along the shores of some of his beautiful coastal images. He paints beautiful places a person would love to be at or just relax in. I really like his style.


I love a few other of his paintings, toos,  but I hope he never stops painting.


Good on you for rightfully making his talent better known around here. Someone who paints like that, the style and tone he paints, has to have a beautiful soul.

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